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Yumalkude is the name of the largest and most central continent in Venturia. It is home to the Human lands of the Radiant Empire and the Commonwealth of Aureum as well as those of the Dwarves and the Elves.

Terrain & Climate[]

Yumalkude has a variety of terrains, from mountains to lakelands, forests and grassy steppes. In the middle of the continent lies the Perianth, a circular mountain range that narrows lands all around it down to thin strips of passable land, making travel from east to west much more difficult.

Flora & Fauna[]

All sorts of furry and feathered critters both large and small; fantastic beasts such as the Shearclaw and the Nixie; beasts of burden and farm animals e.g. Bloomcattle.


It is said that the gods themselves weaved Yumalkude out of cosmic thread, to serve as a blanket cover for the Sleeper, the god that is said to slumber underneath the earth and to one day awaken, causing the destruction of Venturia itself.


The Radiant Empire

The Commonwealth of Aureum


Razor Mountains/Dourkarst

Places of Interest[]

The Spawn Gorge
The White Dunes
Topview Cliff
Château Lamprey
Sunhill Grove
Rocktooth Cove
Tomebound Hall
Sweetmeadow Farm
The Torrids
Fiery Fir
Grimpit Cave
Clawshake Grove
Sharp Rock Pit
Prosperous Road
The Smith’s Complex
Karst Mines
The House of the Two-as-One