Heroes of Venturia Wiki

Areas of Concern[]

Protection, community, redemption, peace

Personality & Reputation[]

The exact nature (as well as appearance, gender etc) of Unity is under constant debate by Elven scholars and laymen alike, but most artistic depictions show a tall figure, towering over any living Elf, with features characteristic to both Sea and Sylvan Elves. It is said that in a time of great trouble, when the two species seemed to have nothing in common and war seemed inevitable, Unity rose up to bind their goals and destinies together forever.


  • Unity is celebrated as both a god and a cultural hero by the Elves. As such, few outside Siimessalo claim to follow or even fully understand their religion.

Holy Places[]

  • The House of the Two-as-One, housing the seat of the two Elven monarchs, doubles as the most holy sanctuary of Unity.

Associated Factions[]

  • n/a

Notable Creations[]