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It is located in The Mint and owned by The Smith.

Physical Description & Ambience[]

A complex building entirety which is said to be The Smith’s home and workshop. The Complex is almost a living building with shifting walls, raising and lowering floors and traps set to scare the curious ones away, if not kill them, in addition to ridiculously difficult puzzles to solve in order to get forward in the Complex.


The Smith and the Priesthood of the Smithy


Difficult puzzles need to be solved and elaborate traps either disarmed or avoided in order to meet and interrupt The Smith at her work.


When the Smith had had enough of the Dwarven civil war, she retreated past the Razor Mountains and headed downriver along the High Rivers into a river valley. There she built her Complex, an ever-changing stronghold that challenges petitioners with cunning traps and complicated puzzles. There she toiled for many years, and the town of Mint had formed around it when she finally emerged to present her newest creation: the Gieldans.

After the presentation, the Complex has remained the home and workshop of the crafting goddess and she’s rarely ever seen outside.