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Also known as the Slumbering One

Areas of Concern[]

End-times, occult knowledge, time

Personality & Reputation[]

Not much is known about The Sleeper. Only that there is a great being sleeping under all of Venturia and when the day comes it awakens, Venturia will change forever. No one knows whether it will be for better or for worse. All of that is of course rumor and paranoiac speak, but better safe than sorry, right?


  • The clandestine Revelation Regime seems to know more about The Sleeper than most and that is why they make their best effort to be in good terms with The Sleeper when it wakes. Worshipping includes ritualistic sacrifices and prayers in long-lost languages who even the Regime doesn’t understand.
  • The little more known the Awakeners try to speed up the awakening of the Sleeper with their own mystical methods.

Holy Places[]

Associated Factions[]

  • Revelation Regime
  • The Awakeners

Notable Creations[]