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The Silver Court is located in the northeast corner of the Radiant Empire and in the eastern edge of Argent Coast. It is under Enkindler jurisdiction.

Physical Description[]

The city is populated by rich Enkindlers and many of its decorated buildings underline the fact. Its inhabitants have a goal to make it a sight to behold whether you approach it by land or by sea. Even the flying people of Halcyans tell the light of the sun reflected by the silvery buildings is a breath-taking view.

Inhabitants & Culture[]

As said above, many of the inhabitants of The Silver Court are rich even in Enkindler standards. that isn't to say there aren’t common people there, they're just a bit more wealthy than the average Enkindler commoner. In The Silver Court money talks. If an Empyrean law says something, many a times in the Court money says otherwise. Thus they have quarrels with the capital city of 88the Empyreal Spire99 from time to time. But the tax money they bring into the treasury of Radiant Empire gives them a little leeway.



The ancient people of The Silver Court were the proto-Aureates. They traveled eastward and founded a city, Plethora, along High Rivers. Plethora is the current Aureate capital.