Heroes of Venturia Wiki

Areas of Concern[]

The Overseer is the keeper of souls and the master of the Crystal Caves.

Personality & Reputation[]

Rather than being a malevolent god of death, the Overseer is the ultimate bureocrat; he doesn’t care about individuals, as long as his accounts are in order. By spending Glow and performing the correct rites of exchange it is, therefore, possible to return a soul from the Crystal Caves for a time. This process is how Glow Zombies are made and maintained.


The Overseer is recognized by all peoples of Venturia as the lord of the Lands Beyond. Machinoids, as mechanical beings powered by the Glow, have a special relationship with the Overseer as guardians of the Coral Temple.

Holy Places[]

The Coral Temple is a stable gateway to the Crystal Caves, though it is not the only means of accessing them.

Associated Factions[]

Notable Creations[]