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Dourkarst. The Firegazers keep the peace here, and exert practical control through the Sentinels of the Spark.

Physical Description[]

A maze-like complex of warrens, workshops and strongholds that delve deep into the earth, all the way to the volcanic depths. The heat of the magma powers ingenious machines that keep the narrow corridors and cramped rooms of the settlement ventilated, and provides the energy for the many workshops that create mechanical wonders for the world to enjoy.

Inhabitants & Culture[]

The majority of the settlement is yet to be reclaimed from the ravages of the Dwarven civil war. Whole quarters of The Forge are too full of deadly traps to enter safely, and there is no knowing how many secret passages are still hidden along their walls. The Firegazers lead the reclamation efforts, but it is slow, dangerous work.

The main galleries and workshops have been secured and once again produce various mechanical goods. All the clans that have accepted the Firegazers’ peace visit The Forge regularly, and some even have permanent representatives there. The Firegazers preside over regular Hearthmeets, in which clans settle disputes and discuss common matters.

Suspicion still hangs heavy in the air, and every now and again violence flares up between members of rival clans, but the Sentinels keep a close watch on the population, cracking down on disruptive behaviour with a heavy, gauntleted hand.