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Arcane army protects the all-important know-how centered in Quillfork. Its military might is plenty enough for invading purposes, too.

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Area of Operations[]



  • The size of the army is measured in the thousands, but the few dozen battle mages are the real power in it.
  • Arcane Army has infantry, cavalry, archers, clerics and battle mages.


Mounts, bows, artillery (though rarely needed because of the battle mages and even more rarely for offensive purposes because of their cumbersome size and form)

Service Culture & Reputation[]

Every member of the Arcane Army knows at least one spell that is usable in a combat situation. The closer the member is to the vanguard, the faster the spell. Infantry know how to enchant their armor to withstand the attack better, or how to blind their enemies in order to get a free attack. Cavalry might know how to heal or shield their horse, and archers can imbue their arrows with magical fire. But the battle mages, they are a force to be reckoned with and their variety of devastating spells is ample.

Those who join the army are ordered into a specific unit of the army depending on their heritage and the given unit very rarely changes during an Enkindler’s service in Arcane Army. Then they try to climb the hierarchy of the army as best they can. The council of High Mages serve as the advisors for the War Mage and, should the War Mage desire to quit or otherwise leave the position open, choose a new War Mage among the mages when required.


The Arcane Army was founded after the Magister had built Quillfork as the center of learning. There it amassed, building protection and deterrence for both the Empyre and the invaluable knowledge in Quillfork.

A bloody war was fought in Bracken Moors between the Arcane Army of the Empyre and the Orcs not too many decades ago. In the long and brutal war perhaps the most relentless was a young battle mage, Beatrice, who wrote her name in the history records by racking up kills with her favored spell, Chain Lighting. That moment in her service history earned her her current position as the War Mage of the Arcane Army. It has also made her the nemesis of many Orcs.

The promotion of Beatrice as the War Mage didn’t happen without its hitches, though. The previous War Mage, Mattheo, who was well-liked and looked to be leading the Army for as long as he desired, was assassinated under shady circumstances. After long and tedious debate among the council of High Mages, they eventually chose the strict and merited Beatrice as their new leader. With her service history the council thought it would send a clear message to whoever hired the assassin to kill Mattheo to steer clear of the Arcane Army in the future.