Heroes of Venturia Wiki

“Sneaky devils! Sharp eyes, sharp arrows, you won’t see ‘em before it’s too late. That’s why I want ‘em in my corner!” - Brida Goreknuckle, puncher-for-hire


While many Sylvan Elves are fond of traveling and seeing the world, others are perfectly happy living their whole lives within the boundaries of the Siimessalo Forest, deep within which lies the capital city of Siimes. Outside of the forest, a neutral area known as Open Territory marks the border of the realms of Elves and Humans.

Typical Physical Attributes[]

Sylvan Elves are not easy to spot in their native woodlands. These slender, graceful, fleet-footed creatures have skin the colour of tree bark, and assume a bark-like texture as well as they age. Indeed, they say the trees of their homeland are their primordial ancestors, and therefore it is no surprise that the Sylvan Elves jealously protect their lands with bow and blade.

Prevailing values[]

Friendliness and hospitality are values cherished by most Sylvan Elves. They also hold their ability to defend their homes from outside aggression in high regard. Many Sylvan Elves have been indoctrinated into the Order of the Superior Sun. Being made of plantstuff themselves, they prefer not to harm living flora when they can help it, choosing instead to feed on small animals such as insects and arachnids, birds or reptiles or even some small mammals.



Sun-kissed hues of green, gold and brown. Tall, graceful buildings woven of living trees and ornamented with gold leaf.


Sylvan Elves have lived in the Siimessalo forest since time immemorial. They are said to have been created by Haltia herself at the dawn of time, although nowadays most Sylvans prefer not to associate themselves with that deity of chaos and mischief. Still, there remains something of Haltia in their creative spirits and generally optimistic outlooks on life and the random benevolence of fate.

With the first arrival of Sea Elves on the western banks, the Sylvan Elves reacted by making great advances in their ranged weaponry and defensive warfare. It was during that time, too, that they began the process of building their settlements high away from the ground to further secure their positions in case of an invasion. That invasion never came, however, and the two Elves peoples existed in a state of wary armistice for hundreds of years.

Eventually, in response to the growing threat posed by Weirdlings, Kauno and other, more mundane dangers, a god rose from among the Elves by the name of Unity. Leading the Sea Elves to live along the rivers coursing through Siimessalo, Unity forged the two cultures into one which reflected both sides of the Elven condition. Today, Elves both Sea and Sylvan work together to protect each other and themselves from the darkness in the horizon…