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In the island of Icara and belongs to the Halcyans.

Physical Description[]

The tall buildings of Skynest are a curiosity. They don’t have any kind of stairs or ladders between levels because of the Halcyan ability to fly. They don’t have much of a street network either for the same reason. Skynest had to be rebuilt a lot after it crashed into the Icaric Ocean, many a building still in ruins or under renovation.

Inhabitants & Culture[]

Halcyans inhabit Skynest. It is also the home of the Keepers of the Quill and the Plume. The Keepers try to recollect all the knowledge that was lost in the crash-landing of Icara and write it in their own version of Tome of Discoveries, a tome of The Wonderer said to contain all things worth knowing.


Strong wind currents blowing from the Icaric Ocean sometimes make it hard to fly in the Skynest.


Skynest was the capital city of the flying island of Icara. When the island catastrophically fell into the ocean, Skynest remained one of the few settlements above sea level. Skynest still is the official capital city of the Halcyans even though they generally live in the continent because so little of Icara stands above water.