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Quillfork is located along the Pearlglim River in the southwestern parts of Radiant Empire.

Physical Description[]

Quillfork is one of the major settlements in the Radiant Empire. There are several universities in the city and military encampments of the Arcane Army including mage towers and the likes.

Inhabitants & Culture[]

Quillfork is the center of learning and the cradle of advancement, and thus many of its citizens are Enkindler students or savants pushing the Empyre forward, making its flame burn ever brighter.

The nightlife of Quillfork is lively, often serving as a brewing bowl for even heretic ideas among the partying students. It demands corrective actions from the Imperial Academy of Divine Verity leading into humiliations of the heretics or worse. In best case scenario the heretics can be persuaded back into the Empyreal dogma without too much hardship. The students also draw dissident Enkindlers into Quillfork, who try to seed their own heretic ideas into the young students, still malleable for new ideas.

The academic city also serves as a filter for the often radical ideas that are dreamt up in nearby Towerage, deciding what ideas are worth implementing in the society and what are too terrible to let the general public know.


Heresy or the dogma of the Empyre. It all depends on the point of view of the individual.


Quillfork was built by the order of the Magister himself after he had enclosed the Radiant Empire in his divine grasp by force. He needed a buffer for all of the vivid ideas and tradition-threatening thoughts spewing from Towerage, which often would destabilize the foundations of the Empyre more than help it thrive.

It was also Quillfork from where the Arcane Army marched into Bracken Moors and drove the Orcs out of their homelands, conquering the heathland for the Empyre.