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The Radiant Empire

Physical Description[]

A sprawling market city that stretches to either side of Ylivuo River, high-arching bridges and busy ferries linking the two halves. Unusually for the Empyre, Merriam features a large variety of architectural styles, combined only by their preference for lush rooftop gardens.

Inhabitants & Culture[]

Built on a river-crossing between the agricultural cornucopias of the Wineweal and Blossomhome, Merriam has become one of Venturia’s foremost markets of grains, livestock, slaves, herbs, and all kinds of processed agricultural goods.

Trade has made Merriam the most diverse city in the Empyre. This is partly why the “pureblood” aristocracy of the Empyre look down upon the people of Merriam and their mercantile pursuits. The city has a reputation for being rowdy, crude, unruly, and brimming with business opportunities.

Merriam is also crucial to the survival of the Empyre. The food that flows through it is what keeps the great cities of the north going, and to safeguard this the military garrison here is expansive. These soldiers specialize in crushing slave revolts and other civil unrest. These soldiers are nicknamed the “Thresher Brigade” by the locals, referring to how they whack mobs with their long sticks like farmers threshing wheat.