Heroes of Venturia Wiki

Long ago, Humans were divided into three culturally very distinct groups: the Enkindlers, the Windborne and the Aureates. Although easily distinguishable by their clothes and behavior, all Humans are related and come in many varieties of skin tone, from the fairest blonde to the deepest black.


The oldest and most warmongering of the three cultures are the Enkindlers. A society that respects authority above all things, they enjoy the protection of the highly organised knightly order of the Brightshields. Their architecturally spectacular cities house great universities and observatories for world-renowned scholars and mages. Having learned the secrets of the Glow from the Saltbloods, the Enkindlers have found many new ways to exploit its powers for their own gain - and in doing so, to bring other cultures down on their knees.


The Windborne like to think of themselves as eternally curious explorers of the unknown. The other cultures they come into contact with would be more likely to characterise them as pirates, marauders and slavers. Their armadas terrorise seaside ports and have spread their influence from the Balmy Isles all the way up north to the Weald and south to Wavebreaker Beacon and beyond. Lately, though, many of their captains and nobles have begun acting strangely, and still others have disappeared altogether. Could this have anything to do with their recent victory at Peatburrow?


The Aureates have a knack for acquiring shiny objects; their trade deals and negotiation skills are legendary, and they love the musical jingle of a fat coin purse. However, during their long history of dealing with other cultures, they have learned to set aside their greed when needed and use their many assets to help other living beings. They are a remarkably community-oriented people, who respect anyone who is willing to work hard to the greater good. The Aureates have the best remedies and healers in all the known cultures.