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Typical Physical Attributes[]

These avian humanoids range in size and shape as much as the birds of the wild, but generally their height ranges between 1.5 m and 2 m. Their wings protrude from their shoulderblades and usually span about 1.5 times their height. Their avian characteristics include beaks and tailfeathers, and their bodies are covered in the appropriate plumage. They have digitigrade legs and clawed feet.

Prevailing values[]

Halcyans tend to be calm, diligent, and somewhat dull-witted. They have exceptionally good memories, but generally lack the imagination to make use of their collected knowledge. This is due to the importance their culture places upon preserving that which came before as untouched as possible.



The Halcyans often wear very little clothing because flying is strenuous enough on its own and clothing would make it even harder.


The Halcyans were the first sapient people known to have existed. The Wonderer created them on the flying island of Icara as a curious, scholarly people. However, as disaster struck and Icara fell (during a great calamity known as the First Fall, the energies of Halcyan culture were turned toward preserving what was left. In what has since been called The Scattering, the Halcyans took wing and fled their inundated rock to spread throughout Venturia.

Most Halcyans follow their ancient precepts of collecting stories and knowledge. They also often serve as messengers to the mighty. They are also valued and paid well as ship lookouts for their ability to fly and audible voice.