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High Lakes, The Mint

Typical Physical Attributes[]

The half-Dwarven Gieldans, forged by the Smith’s own hand, are as different from the rest of Dwarvenkind as the sun is from the moon. While they are flesh and blood, the bodies of the Gieldans come in a range of metallic colors, from dark iron, through copper and gold all the way to bright silver. Taller than a Dwarf and shorter than a Human, an average Gieldan is heavier than either, a meaty block of muscle and sinew sculpted by hard work.

Prevailing values[]

The Smith was careful to infuse her new creation with the industriousness of the Dwarves and the communality of the Aureates, but her greatest concern was to avoid the violent strife of the Dwarves, so she instilled this new creation with an aversion to violence. Gieldan culture perceives violence for any purpose as abhorrent, advocating diplomacy and passive resistance instead.




Many of the longer-lived races still remember a world without Gieldans, for it was not two centuries ago that The Smith, disappointed in the jealous, grudge-filled nature of the Dwarves, passed through Eastgate to build a new forge outside the Dwarven realm - a forge in which she created the Gieldans.

From what material the Smith forged these stalwart people is a secret he has not shared, but many suspect he fused together the essences of Dwarves and Aureate Humans. The result certainly indicates something along these lines.