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Fairwind Sea is the name of the sea that connects the main continent of Yumalkude to the islands of Karuranta and the Balmy Isles. The area, especially on the high seas, falls largely under Windborne control, but the Radiant Empire maintains a strong presence as well. Saltblood sightings are becoming more and more common as well, as they slowly come together to forge their own communities of misfits and exiles.

Terrain & Climate[]

Perhaps the richest waters in all of Venturia. The climate is pleasantly clement, and the islands to the northwest and southwest break down the most destructive tidal waves long before they reach Fairwind Sea.

Flora & Fauna[]

Fish, dolphins and other sea mammals, birds and flying reptiles of various kinds, giant dragonflies.



Wavebreak Beacon
Turtle Cove
New Shoals

Places of Interest[]