Heroes of Venturia Wiki

Cultures & Peoples of Venturia[]

While the Inn is located toward the eastern border of Aureum, all manner of travelers pass through these parts. It is not at all uncommon to see members from all Human societies (Aureate, Enkindler, Windborne), as well as a handful of other species, in any given day.

The Commonwealth of Aureum[]

Open-minded bargain-hunters with a heart of gold
Aureates are a cosmopolitan people who prize community and commerce. They believe that wealth is that which you contribute, not that which you hold. This means that their cities are full of great works of public art and architecture.

The Radiant Empire aka The Empyre[]

Bringing civilization and order to savages
Enkindler culture prizes industry, personal and familial honor, and respect for authority and history. They appreciate displays of strength in all aspects of life, from sports to academic study.


Curious and expansionistic settlers and sailors
Windborne culture is driven by - and indeed has survived by virtue of - curiosity. Young people are expected to sail for parts unknown so they can gain independence, experience, and confidence.


Freedom-loving half-elven coastal raiders and traders
Saltbloods inherited the curious nature of their human parents, as well as the utilitarian pragmatism given to the Sea Elves by Fleetwit at the dawn of time. They have combined these traits into adventurous ambition. They trust in their ability to overcome anything, as long as they do it with enough style and flair.


A tribal people of mystics and fighters under occupation
Orcs live and travel in tribes, or family units of up to 30 members. All tribes honor and respect those individuals known as Way-wise (though this is a crude translation into Tradish which fails to encapsulate the whole of the word’s meaning). The luckiest of tribes are those that have they own Way-wise, who serve as keepers of lore and protectors of Orc bodies as their spirits undertake a journey to the Dreamlands.

Sylvan Elves[]

Ever-vigilant denizens of the deep woods
Friendliness and hospitality are values cherished by most Sylvan Elves. They also hold their ability to defend their homes from outside aggression in high regard. Being made of plantstuff themselves, they prefer not to harm living flora when they can help it, choosing instead to feed exclusively on meat.

Sea Elves[]

Thick-skinned and headstrong merfolk
While they were born on the open sea, Sea Elves are most commonly encountered in rivers and streams that push inland through the Siimessalo forest. Sea Elves are a pragmatic people who, having discovered the mutual benefits of a pan-Elven alliance, are loyal allies to their Sylvan brothers and sisters.


Short, bearded craftsfolk recovering from a civil war
The Dwarves’ grumpy, suspicious exterior hides a creative soul. They are imaginative, but tend to express this through their works - especially crafts. This imaginative spirit also causes them to come up with increasingly improbable ways for competing Dwarves to steal their precious secrets.


Peaceful artisans with skin the color of noble metals
The Gieldans were forged by the Smith as a response to the violent horror that was the Dwarven civil war. As a result, Gieldan culture perceives violence for any purpose as abhorrent, advocating diplomacy and passive resistance instead.

Other cultures: Halcyans, Machinoids, Shifters, Chalklings