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Clanstrife was a Dwarf Civil War.

Time & Place[]

Approximately 1000 ER to 3672 ER. All points of Yumalkude east of the Razor Mountains.

Involved Parties[]

All Dwarf clans of the Dourkarst.


Cunning, capable and industrious, Dwarves built strongholds throughout Dourkarst. Eventually they established a meeting place, The Forge, deep underground, tapping into the volcanic heat that created the area. Here the Dwarven crafts blossomed, and they created items that would cause wonderment throughout Venturia.

In time, however, competition between Dwarven clans soured. They became secretive and suspicious, ever afraid of their competitors stealing their precious secrets. It was not long before distrust turned into discord, and suspicion took on a more deadly form.

The instigating incident of the Dwarf civil war is lost to history, but clans have traditionally blamed their rivals. Wars fought with traps and other inventive weapons turned the whole of Dourkarst into a battleground over the many centuries that the war raged on.

With the rise of the Firegazers the war has now ended, but the death traps littered across the area remain, protecting extinct strongholds and forgotten secrets.

Course of Events[]